Cohabitation of Meloidogyne incognita and Rotylenchulus reniformis in tomato roots and effect on multiplication and plant growth


  • R. M. Khan
  • M. W. Khan
  • A. M. Khan


The study examines the interaction of the root-knot, Meloidogvne incognita and the reniform, Rotylenchulus reniform is, nematodes during cohabitation on tomato roots in artificial inoculations. In single inoculations. populations of both species increased progressively with increase in the inoculum level. In concomitant inoculations, R. reniformis penetration and multiplication were unaffected by the presence of low numbers of M. incognita. Increase in the inoculum level of M. incognita up to 100 juveniles affected multiplication of both species but penetration was unaffected. In the presence of higher numbers of M. incognita (1000 juveniles) multiplication of R. reniformis declined at all inoculum levels but penetration decreased only at 1000 initial inoculum level. At an initial inoculum level of 1000, multiplication of M. incognita was adversely affected by an inoculum of 100 or 1000 R. reniform is; but penetration of M. incognita declined only when the inoculum level of both nematodes was 1000.