Influence of root leachates and temperatures on egg hatch of Meloidogyne species


  • H. M. R. K. Ekanayake
  • M. Di Vito


The effect of root leachates of susceptible « Roma VF », resistant « IAS-l » tomato and « Creso » wheat on hatch of Meloidogyne arenaria, M. hap la, M. incognita and M. javanica eggs was studied at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 300 C over an 8 week period. The root leachates did not influence egg hatch but temperature greatly affected the 2nd stage juvenile emergence. There were no differences between the accumulated percent egg hatch for all species in all the leachates tested, at each temperature and at all time intervals. Less than 10% of the eggs hatched at 100 C, but more than 70% hatched at 15, 20 and 250 C. At 300 C hatches were about 60 o/b of initial egg numbers. At 150 C egg hatching was completed in 5-6 weeks, but at 20, 25 and 300 C it was 3 weeks or less.