Occurrence of root-knot and cyst nematodes in Pakistan


  • M. A. Maqbool


Little is known about the occurrence of root-knot and cyst nematodes in Pakistan. Brown (1962) reported Meloidogyne incognita on banana and M. javanica on eggplant and sugarcane and Riaz and Khan (1973) found M. hapla on potato. The only records for cyst nematode species are those of Akhtar (1961) for Heterodera schachtii in association with sugarcane and of Brown (1962) for Globodera tabacum (syn. Heterodera tabacum) in tobacco fields. A general survey of crops was therefore carried out in 1978-79 and the following nematodes were identified: Globodera rostochiel1sis (Wall.) Mulvey et Stone on potato; Heterodera avenae Wall. on maize and wheat; H. mani Mathewes on wheat; H. motlti Khan et Husain and H. sacchari Luc et Merny on sugarcane; H. sclzaclztii Schmidt on cauliflower and sugarcane; H. Vigl1i Edward et Misra on cowpea; H. zeae Koshy, Swarup et Sethi on maize and wheat and on citrus and pear; Meloidogyne arenaria (Neal) Chitw. on maize, sugarcane and tomato; M. hapla on soybean, chilli, pyrethrum, ginger, okra, potato, tomato and tobacco; M. incognita (Kofoid et White) Chitw. on banana, hyacinth-bean, eggplant, chilli, cotton, pyrethrum, ginger, maize, okra, papaw, sugarbeet, tomato, tobacco and luffa: M. javanica (Treub) Chitw. on banana, hyacinth-bean, eggplant, okra, papaw, sugarbeet, and luffa. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first report from Pakistan for Globodera rostochiensis, Heterodera avenae, H. mani, H. mothi, H. sacchari, H. vigni, H. zeae and Meloidogyne arenaria.