A description of some juveniles stages of Xiphinema vulgare (Nematoda: Dorylaimoidea)


  • D. J. F. Brown
  • M. Luc
  • Ir. Purbadi


Specimens of Xiphinema vulgare Tarjan, 1964 which has previously been reported from Java (Tarjan, 1964), were extracted from soil collected from around the roots of stunted and chlorotic Zea mays L. at K. P. Segunung, West Java. The specimens were heat killed, fixed in FA 4: 1 and mounted in glycerine using a slow method. Loof and Maas (1972) recorded some morphometrics of three fourth-stage juveniles which were present in a population of X. vulgare from Brazil but these juveniles were described only as being « idel1tical to that of the adult females; tail shape is also the same, though the tail is slightly longer and more slender.» As several of the present specimens were juveniles their morphometries and a description of the three stages obserwd are reported here. Morphometrics obtained from the specimens from K. P. Segunung are given in Table I.