Xiphinema bajaj nom. nov. for Xiphinema luci Bajaj et Jairajpuri, 1979 (Nematoda: longidoridae)


  • M. Shamim Jajrajpuri
  • Franco Lamberti


In the year 1979 Lamberti et Bleve-Zacheo described fifteen new species of the genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913 and one of these was named X iphinema luci after Dr. M. Luc. This paper was published on 4 July 1979 in Nematologia mediterranea. In the same year Bajai ct Jairajpuri published a review of Xiphinema with descriptions of the species from India. Their work included the description of a new species which was also named Xiphinema luci after Dr. M. Luc. This paper was published toward the end of 1979 in the Records of the Zoological Survey of India. Although the two new species bear the same name (homonym) they are quite different from one another in dimensions and several morphological features. While X. luci Lamberti et Bleve-Zacheo is a member of the americanum-group, X. luci Bajaj et Jairajpuri falls in the elongatum-group as conceived by Bajaj et Jairajpuri (1979). Xiphinema luci Bajaj et lairajpuri therefore becomes a junior homonym of X. luci Lamberti et Bleve-Zacheo. Accordingly, we propose the name Xiphinema bajaji nom. nov. for X. luci Bajaj et Jairajpuri, 1979.