Studies on the life cycle of Xiphinema index


  • U. Prota
  • Teresa Bleve-Zacheo
  • R. Garau
  • F. Lamberti


Information on the life cycle of Xiphinema index Thorne et Allen is limited and at variance. Radewald and Raski (1962) reported that the development from egg to adult took 22-27 days in the glasshouse, whereas Taylor (1963) suggested development from second stage juvenile to adult required about 36 days. More recently, in Israel, Cohn and Mordechai (1969, 1970) found that populations of X. index completed their life cycle in seven to nine months at 20-23° C and in three to five months at the optimal temperature of 28° C. In Sardinian vineyards the life cycle of the nematode was completed in 12 to 14 months (Prota and Garau, 1973). The reproductive potential of two Italian populations of X. index was investigated in experiments carried out in glasshouse at Sassari and at Bari. The results of these investigations are herein illustrated and discussed.