Telotylenchus obtusus sp. n. and Histotylenchus sudanensis sp. n. (Nematoda: Tylenchida: Telotylenchinae)


  • M. R. Siddiqi


Two new species of plant parasitic nematodes are described, one in the genus Telotylenehus Siddiqi, 1960 and the other in the genus Histotylenehus Siddiqi, 1971, of the subfamily Telotylenchinae Siddiqi, 1960. Specimens were fixed in F.A.A. 4: 10 and mounted in dehydrated glycerine after processing through warm lactophenol; some specimens of Telotylenehus collected in Malawi in 1963 were fixed in TAF. Differential keys to 8 nominal species of Telotylenehus and to 5 of Histotylenehus are provided. Of the four species of Telotylenehus described from India, T. aerolatus Baqri et Jairajpuri, 1969 and T. tonkiensis Mulk et J airajpuri, 1975 are very similar to T. in die us Siddiqi, 1960 and T. paaloofi Tikyani et Khera, 1970, respectively. Type-specimens of these were not available for study, but they are included in the key on characters which when studied carefully may prove to be unstable.