The New World species of <I>Ataenius</I> Harold, 1867. V. Revision of the <I>A. strigatus</I> group (Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae: Eupariini)


  • Z. T. Stebnicka
  • P. K. Lago


Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae, Ataenius strigatus group, new species, taxonomy, New World


The strigatus group of the New World species of Ataenius Harold is revised. Seventeen species are recognized including two species described as new: Ataenius ecruensis sp. nov. from the United States and A. oaxacaensis sp. nov. from Mexico. Fifteen previously used names are considered valid, three new synonyms are proposed: A. liogaster Bates (= A. edwardsi Chapin syn. nov. = A. hoguei Cartwright and Spangler syn. nov.), A. wenzelii Horn (= A. rudellus Fall, syn. nov.). New state records are presented for A. spretulus (Haldeman) (Washington) and A. cognatus (LeConte) (Indiana, Missouri, and Mississippi). The taxa are diagnosed, keyed and illustrated; available biological information and distribution data are given.