Revision of the <I>Phyllophaga</I> of Hispaniola (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae), Part 3


  • R. E. Woodruff
  • M. W. Sanderson




With this study, the fauna of Hispaniolan Phyllophaga is now composed of 48 species, all of which are endemic (precinctive), including 22 new species described herein (4 attributed to Woodruff and Sanderson: approxima, bonfils, jimenezi, rex; 18 to Woodruff: aceitillar, alcoa, androw, baoruco, carnegie, davidsoni, eladio, haitiensis, jaragua, larimar, marcano, nunezi, ortizi, pedernales, rawlinsi, rustica, santachloe, toni). Additionally, allotypes are described for 7 species with previously unknown males (aliada, canoa) or females (esquinada, fossoria, imprima, kenscoffi, panicula), and 6 new country records (Dominican Republic) are provided (aliada, leptospica, minutissima, panicula, permagna, recorta). Of the 48, only 1 male remains unknown (barrosa), and 9 females are missing (aceitillar, carnegie, costura, davidsoni, espina, garrota, probaporra, rustica, toni); 32 are recorded only from the Dominican Republic, and 5 are known only from Haiti. The 727 Figures include 50 habitus illustrations for all species, as well as SEM photos of male and female genitalia, and other salient morphological characters. The discovery of sister species , on opposite sides of the Enriquillo basin, provides significant data to support the 2 island concept; 15 species are known only from the paleo south island , and 23 are restricted to the north island .