Nomenclatorial corrections for Dasytidae and Malachiidae (Coleoptera)


  • A. J. Mayor


Coleoptera, Dasytidae, Aplocnemus, Dasytastes, Dasytes, Dasytellus, Pristoscelis, Scelopristis, Trichochrus, Malachiidae, Amalthocinae, Amalthocus, Malachiinae, Afrocolotes, Anthocomus, Apalochrus, Attalus, Charopus, Hadrocnemus, Laius, Nodopus, Olistherarthrus, Sphinginopalpus, Tanaops, Temnopsphus, new genus, new names, new synonymy, new combinations


Nomenclatorial corrections are proposed for 9 cases of homonymy and 5 cases of synonymy in the Dasytidae and Malachiidae. For the homonyms, the following new names are proposed: Aplocnemus montbabor Mayor,newname, forA. baborensis Pic 1922; Dasytes loboensis Mayor,newname,forD. nevadensis Pic 1954; DasytesminorMayor,newname, forD.minutusCasey1895;Amalthocuspici Mayor,newname, forA. metallicus (Pic 1955); Attalus tribandipennis Mayor, new name, for A. tricoloripennis Pic 1927; Attalus ulkei Mayor, new name, forA. laevicollis(Horn1872);LaiuscephalusMayor,newname, forL.verticalisFairmaire;Sphinginopalpus mpumalangaensis Mayor new name for S. nigriceps Wittmer 1994; Sphinginopalpus rufinotus Mayor, new name, for S. rufithorax Wittmer 1994. Scelopristis Mayor new genus, is proposed for the species of Pristocelis LeConte 1862, a junior synonym of Trichochrous Motschulsky 1860; the available name Hadrocnemus Kraatz 1895 is proposed for the species of Apalochrus Erichson 1840 a senior objective synonym of Paritinus Abeille de Perrin 1891.Thefollowingnewsubjectivesynonymsare proposed: PristoscelisLeConte1862isajuniorsynonym of Trichochrous Motschulsky 1860; Anthocomus (Paremballus) Abeille de Perrin 1891 is a junior synonym of Anthocomus (Anthocomus) Erichson 1840; Anthocomus (Neotrotus) Abeille de Perrin 1891 is a juniorsynonymof Anthocomus(Celidus)MulsantandRey1867; AmanicollopsPic1908isajuniorsynonymofHadrocnemusKraatz 1895. Paratinus Abeille de Perrin 1891 is a junior objective synonym of Apalochrus Erichson 1840). New combinations forNorthAmericanspecies fromAttalus Erichson,AnthocomusErichson,Microlipus LeConteand Tanaops LeConte formalized here were suggested by Mayor (2002). The Characters indicating the close relationship of Neadasytes Hatch 1962 to Dasytastes Casey 1895, and of Paradasytes Hatch 1962 to Dasytellus Casey 1895 are discussed. Afrocolotes Wittmer 1960 and Olistherarthrus Champion 1922, listed as synonyms of Temnopsophus Horn 1872 by Evers (1989: 6), are here considered distinct genera. These changes are proposed here so that they can be included in a world catalog in preparation.