Nomenclatural and taxonomic changes, new distribution and biological records for jewel beetles (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)


  • C. L. Bellamy


Replacement names, nomenclatural, distributional and biological notes are presented for 21 species of Buprestidae (Coleoptera). Agrilodes strandi ssp. meranus Obenberger, 1942, and Polybothris (Amphisbeta) vitalisi var. stygia, Obenberger, 1942, are proposed to allow the subspecies or variety names define the species, respectively, with strandi and vitalisi remaining in synonymy as nomina nuda. Acmaeodera ruficaudis macfadyeni is proposed as a new replacement name for Acmaeodera ruficaudis pinguis Holm, 1985, preoccupied by A. pinguis Fairmaire, 1902; Buprestis aenescens Wiedemann, 1823 is synonymized under Buprestis albomarginata Herbst, 1801; Buprestis planus Fabricius, 1798 is transferred to Dismorpha Gistel, 1848; Damarsila conturbata Thomson, 1879 is removed from synonymy under Buprestis amaurotica Klug, 1855 and reinstated as a valid species; Damarsila obsti Cobos, 1957 is rejected as an unnecessary replacement name for Psilopotera ornata Obst, 1903; Dicerca reticulatoides is proposed as a new replacement name for D. reticulata Assmann, 1870, a fossil taxon, preoccupied by Buprestis reticulata Fabricius, 1794, a junior subjective synonym of Dicerca aenea (Linne, 1758); Kamosia luciae Obenberger, 1935, is synonymized under Kamosiella dennestoides (Thomson, 1878); Melobasis novaeguinae is proposed as a new replacement name for Melobasis papuana Obenberger, 1938, preoccupied by M. (Briseis) papuana Obenberger, 1924; Sjoestedtius divinus Obenberger, 1935, is transferred to Malawiella Bellamy, 1990, and Sjoestedtius atakorensis Descarpentries, 1952 is proposed as its new subjective synonym. Buprestis albomarginata Herbst, Damarsila contubata Thomson, and Psiloptera ornata Obst are transferred to Lampetis Dejean, 1833. Biological or distributional notes are given for species of Agrilaxia Kerremans, 1903, Agrilus Curtis, 1825, Conognatha Eschscholtz, 1829, Euplectalecia Obenberger, 1924, Halecia Laporte and Gory, 1837, Ovalisia Kerremans, 1900, Sambomorpha Obenberger, 1924, and Spectralia Casey, 1909.