New records, nomenclatural changes, and taxonomic notes for select North American leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)


  • Edward G. Riley
  • Shawn M. Clark
  • Arthur J. Gilbert


New records, nomenclatural changes and taxonomic notes are presented for select North American leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). The following genera are newly recorded from the United States: Nesaecrepida Blake, 1964; Acallepitrix Bechyne, 1959; Margaridisa Bechyne, 1958; Parchicola Bechyne and Springlova de Bechyne, 1975; (all Galerucinae: Alticini); and Demotina Baly, 1874 (Eumolpinae). The following species are newly recorded from the United States: Neolema dorsalis (Olivier, 1791) (Criocerinae); Charidotella bifossulata Boheman, 1855 (Hispinae: Cassidini); Syphrea flavicollis (Jacoby, 1884) (Galerucinae: Alticini); and Promecosoma inflatum Lefevre, 1877, and Demotina modesta Baly, 1874 (Eumolpinae), The following new synonymies are proposed: Deloyala clavata, var. diversicollis Schaeffer, 1925, transferred from synonymy with Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius, 1798) to synonymy with P. clavata testudinaria (Boheman, 1855); Chrysomela hybrida Say, 1824, downgraded from subspecies of Calligrapha lunata (Fabricius, 1787) to full synonym of Calligrapha lunata (Fabricius); Chrysomela casta Rogers, 1856, downgraded from subspecies of Zygogramma suturalis (Fabricius, 1775) to full synonym of Zygogrammasuturalis (Fabricius); Trirhabda gurneyi Blake, 1951, downgraded to synonym of Trirhabda caduca Horn, 1893; Scelida mimula Wilcox, 1965, downgraded to synonym of Scelida nigricomis (Jacoby, 1888); Exoracalifornica Wilcox, 1953, downgraded to synonym of Pteleon brevicornis (Jacoby, 1887); Palaeothona arizonensis Blake, 1950, downgraded to synonym of Lupraea discrepans (Schaeffer,1932); Haltica nigritula Linell, 1898, downgraded to synonym of Nesaecrepida asphaltina (Suffrian, 1868); Cryptocephalus reinhardi Sundman, 1965, downgraded to synonym of Cryptocephalus mutabilis Melsheimer, 1847. The tribes Chalepini Wiese, 1910, and Uroplatini Weise, 1910 (Hispinae), are synonymized, and both of these family-group names are recognized as nomina protecta. The family-group name Octotomites Chapuis, 1875, is recognized as a nomen oblitum, Coptocycla testudinaria Boheman, 1855, is downgraded from specific status to a subspecies of Plagiometriona clavata (Fabricius, 1798); Cassida bicolor (Fabricius, 1798) is recognized as a valid subspecies of Charidotella sexpunctata (Fabricius). The genus Hemiphrynus Horn, 1889, is removed from synonymy with Phrynocepha and reinstated as a valid genus; Rhabdopterus weisei (Schaeffer, 1920) is removed from synonymy with Rhabdopterus praetextus (Say) and reinstated as a valid species. The following new combinations are proposed: Synetocephalus wallacei (Wilcox, 1965), transferred from Pseudoluperus; Nesaecrepida infuscata (Schaeffer, 1906), transferred from Monomacra; Acallepitrix nitens (Horn, 1889), transferred from Epitrix; Margaridisa atriventris (Melsheimer, 1847), transferred from Homaltica; Parchicola iris (Olivier, 1808) and P. tibialis (Olivier, 1808), transferred from Monomacra; and Coleothorpa panochensis (Gilbert, 1981), transferred from Coscinoptera; Promecosoma arizonae (Crotch, 1873), transferred from Metaxyonycha; Tymnes chrysis (Olivier, 1808), T. oregonensis (Crotch, 1873), and T. thaleia (Blake, 1977), transferred from Colaspis. The following new replacement name is proposed: Triarius nigroflavus, for Luperodes flavoniger Blake, 1942 (not Laboissiere, 1925). The identities of Griburius equesiris (Olivier, 1808) and G. laruatus (Newman, 1840) are discussed.