<I>Acmaeodera pubiventris</I> Horn (Coleoptera: Buprestidae): a polytypic species or a superspecies?


  • Richard L. Westcott


Acmaeodera pubiventris Horn was studied in detail and, without rejecting that it may be a superspecies, I concluded it is a polytypic species comprised of A. p. pubiventris, A. p. lanata Horn, A. p. yumae Knull-these generally have been considered as full species-and a new subspecies, A. p. panocheae, described herein. It is suggested that A. p. yumae could be a megasubspecies. Detailed comparisons are made, variation is discussed, and biological and distributional data are provided. A. p. lanata is recorded from Mexico (Baja California) for the first time.