Descriptions of new luperine genera and species from Mexico, with keys to related taxa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)


  • Shawn M. Clark


The section Scelidites of the subtribe Luperina is diagnosed and described. A key is provided to separate the genera within this section. Cyphotarsis Jacoby is reduced to a junior synonym of Metacoryna Jacoby. Microscelida, new genus, is erected to include Agelastica viridis Jacoby, Luperus subcostatus Jacoby, Luperus subglabratus Jacoby, Scelidopsis violacea Jacoby, and seven newly described species. A key and diagnoses are provided to enable recognition of each species within this new genus. Scelidacne, new genus, is erected to include a single newly described species.