A new species of <I>Acmaeodera</I> (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) from Big Bend National Park, Texas, with synonymy for other species occurring in the United States


  • Richard L. Westcott
  • William F. Barr


Acmaeodera tiquilia Westcott and Barr, new species, from Big Bend National Park, Texas is described, figured, and discussed in considerable detail, particularly in relation to the similar and partially sympatric A. recticollis Fall. A neotype is designated for A. quatuordecimspilota Obenberger and that species is synonymized with A. ornata (Fabricius). Additionally, A. gibbula gila Knull is synonymized with A. gibbula LeConte; A. nautica Van Dyke is synonymized with A. simulata Van Dyke.