The Western Hemisphere Species of the Predaceous Midge Genus <I>Echinohelea</I> , with Descriptions of Six New Species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)


  • Willis W. Wirth


There are four previously deseribed species of the genus Echinohelea Kieffer in the Western Hemisphere. The following species are described as NEW SPECIES: aitkeni from Brazil, blantoni and panamensis from Panama, jamaicensis from Jamaica, and leei and neotropica from Colombia Echinoideshelea NEW SUBGENUS is described with E. aitkeni n. sp. as type-species. The hitherto unknown pupal stage of the genus is described for E. lanei Wirth, which was reared from a pond margin in New York, U.S.A. Diagnoses are presented for the genus Echinohelea and the subgenus Echinoideshelea, a key is given for the identification of the 11 species, descriptions or diagnoses are given for all species, and diagnostic characters of the male genitalia are illustrated.