The subgenus <I>Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium)</I> with a revision of tile Nearctic species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)


  • Willis W. Wirth


Atrichopogon Kieffer, subgenus Rostropogon Remm, is a junior synonym of the subgenus Lophomyidium Cordero (NEW STATUS, NEW SYNONYMY). Monohelea ocumare Ortiz from Venezuela is transferred to Atrichopogon (Lophomyidium)(NEW COMBINATION) The Holarctic species Atrichopogon polydactylus Nielsen is a junior synonym of A. fusculus (Coquillett), a widespread and common species previously reported from only the Western Hemisphere. Four Nearctic species are described as NEW SPECIES: A. jamnbacki from salt and brackish marshes along the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to North Carolina; the following freshwater species, A. deyrupi from southern Florida; A. archboldi, from southern Florida, Texas and California, and southward well into the Neotropical Region; and A. borkenti, from western Canada. The larvae of A. (Lophomyidium) are found on wet wood, soil, and stones in marshy habitats. Adults of A. fusculus have been observed feeding on insect carrion in spider webs.