A Review of the Rhopalophorini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of North and Central America


  • Edmund F. Giesbert
  • John A. Chemsak


The tribe Rhopalophorini is reviewed for North and Central America. Keys to genera and species are provided, and known species are redescribed. The genus Rhopalophora Audinet-Serville is revised to include 16 species, with the following additions: R. serripennis n. sp. and R. yucatana n. sp. are described from Mexico; R. rugicollis hovorei n. ssp. is described from Baja California; and R meeskei Casey, 1891 is restored to species status. New synonymies are: R. incrustata Chevrolat, 1859 = R. tenuis (Chevrolat, 1855); R. laevicollis LeConte, 1873 = R. cupricollis Guerin-Meneville, 1844. Distribution maps are included for the more common species. The subgenus Ischionodonta Chevrolat is raised to genenc status, and includes 3 species: I. serripes (Bates, 1872) n. comb.; I. versicolor (Chevrolat, 1859) n. comb.; and I.mexicana n. sp. from Mexico. Cosmisoma Audinet-Serville is revised to include 6 species, with 2 newly described: C. militaris n. sp. from Panama and Costa Rica, and C. rhaptos n. sp from Panama and Colombia. New synonymies are: C. nudicornis Bates, 1892 = C. martyr Thomson, 1860, and C. alboscutellata linsley, 1935 = C. reticulata Bates, 1885. Cycnoderus Audinet-Serville is newly recorded from Mexico and central America with 6 species: C. virginiae n. sp., C. copein. sp., C. lividus n. sp., C. brevicolle n. sp. from Mexico, and C. guatemalicus n. sp. from Guatemala. Cycnoderus barbatus Gounelle is recorded from Costa Rica and Panama. A new genus, Muxbalia, is proposed and tentatively placed in the Rhopalophorini, and M. monzoni n. sp. is described from Guatemala. Ozodes Audinet-Serville, and Lissozodes Bates are removed from the Rhopalophorini and placed provisionally in the Necydalopsini. Rhopalophora cupricollis, R. longipes, R. serripennis, Cycnoderus virginiae, Cosmisoma rhaptos, and Muxbalia monzoni are illustrated.