On the transference of Ataxia tibialis Schaeffer to Bisaltes (Bisaltes) Thomson with synonymies and new records in the genus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)


  • Antonio Santos-Silva
  • James E. Wappes


Lamiinae, Nearctic, Neotropical, taxonomy, USA


Ataxia tibialis Schaeffer, 1908 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae: Pteropliini) is transferred to Bisaltes (Bisaltes) Thomson, 1868 (Apomecynini), new combination; the female is described for the first time. This extends the range of the genus, previously only known as far north as Costa Rica, to southern Texas. Bisaltes (Bisaltes) obliquatus Breuning, 1940 is found to be conspecific with Bisaltes (Bisaltes) uniformis Breuning, 1939, new synonymy, and recorded from Argentina and the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The holotypes of Esthlogena pulverea Bates, 1866, and Bisaltes posticalis Thomson, 1868 (currently, both synonyms of Bisaltes (Bisaltes) pulvereus) are illustrated for the first time. The holotype of Bisaltes (Bisaltes) bimaculatus Aurivillius, 1904, as well as ventral and lateral habitus of this species are illustrated for the first time and it is newly recorded from the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

[The second author, James E. Wappes, submitted this manuscript and initially served as the corresponding author, but passed away prior to its publication.]