New and little known Coleoptera (Silvanidae: Silvaninae) from Central and South America


  • David G. H. Halstead


New species, Coccidotrophus, Eunausibius, Nausibius, Pensus, Synobius


The following Silvaninae (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) are included: Synobius Sharp, 1899, with its species, Synobius lobicollis Sharp, 1899 and Synobius lobatus (Grouvelle, 1896); Neocorimus thomasi, new genus and new species; Austronausibius wagneri (Grouvelle) new combination, a species originally placed in Nausibius Lentz by Grouvelle (1913); a third species of Pensus Halstead, 1973, is described, Pensus hirtus new species, and a short key given for distinguishing it from the already known species, Pensus gilae (Casey) and Pensus guatemalenus (Sharp); also Coccidotrophus Schwarz and Barber, 1921,including Coccidotrophus socialis Schwarz and Barber, 1921, Coccidotrophus cordiae Barber, 1928, Coccidotrophus wheeleri (Schwarz and Barber) new combination (a species originally placed in Eunausibius Grouvelle by Schwarz and Barber (1921)) plus two new species, Coccidotrophus platyops, new species;Coccidotrophus trinidadensis, new species making a total of five in this genus; other taxa included are, Eunausibius Grouvelle, 1913, with its described and a new species as follows, Eunausibius tenebrionoides (Grouvelle), Eunausibius jatahyensis, new species, Eunausibius elongatus (Grouvelle); and finally Annomus bolivianus, new genus and new species. Additionally, taxonomic changes are made for two species originally described in Eunausibius: Nausibius lophius (Parsons) new combination (= Eunausibius lophius Parsons) and Nausibius salutaris (Parsons) new combination (= Eunausibius salutaris Parsons). Descriptions, diagnoses, and illustrations (habitus and male genitalia line drawings plus four color habitus photographs) are provided.