First association of scale insects (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) with Salacia crassifolia (Mart. Ex Schult.) G. Don. (Celastraceae)


  • Marcelo Tavares de Castro
  • Sandro Coelho Linhares Montalvão
  • Vera Regina dos Santos Wolff
  • Rose Gomes Monnerat


Brazilian savanna, forest entomology, pest insects, native scale insects


Salacia crassifolia (Mart. ex Schult.) G.Don., (Celastraceae) is a native species of shrub/tree highly appreciated in Brazil for its fruits and medicinal properties. Scale insects have never been reported associated with S. crassifolia; nevertheless, this paper describes the occurrence of two diaspidids on S. crassifolia leaves in Brazil. Three mature trees were inspected in February and March 2018 and scale insect samples were collected and preserved in 70% alcohol, then mounted and identified under an optical microscope. Two species of scale insects were found associated with this plant, Pseudoparlatoria argentata Hempel and Melanaspis aristotelesi Lepage and Giannotti, both from the family Diaspididae (Hemiptera). The three observed trees were infested by the diaspidids, with some leaves completely colonized by both species. This is the first reported occurrence of P. argentata and M. aristotelesi in plants of the Celastraceae family. It is also the first report of these insects in the Distrito Federal, Brazil, expanding the distribution and hosts in native plant species of the Cerrado biome.