Jumping bristletail (Insecta: Apterygota: Microcoryphia) records in the southeastern United States


  • Grant D. De Jong


Archaeognatha, Machilidae, Meinertellidae, distribution.


Few records of Microcoryphia exist for the southeastern United States, with named species being reported only from Arkansas, Tennessee, and the mid-Atlantic states, and with an unnamed species being reported from Georgia. Records are here provided from 291 specimens housed in the Mississippi Entomological Museum, including ten new species-level state records. This is also the first published report of the order Microcoryphia from Alabama and Mississippi. Species include the machilids Pedetontoides atlanticus Mendes in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina; Pedetontus cf. atlanticus in Kentucky; Pedetontus (Verhoeffilis) gershneri Allen in Arkansas; and Pedetontus (Pedetontus) saltator Wygodzinsky and Schmidt in Mississippi and North Carolina; and the meinertellid Machiloides banksi (Silvestri) in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.