A synopsis of American Caraphia Gahan, 1906 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lepturinae) with description of two new species


  • James E. Wappes
  • Antonio Santos-Silva


Mexico, Central America, taxonomy.


The males of Caraphia squamosa (Chemsak and Linsley, 1984) and C. seriata (Chemsak and Linsley, 1984), and the female of C. lingafelteri Ohbayashi and Yamasako, 2016 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lepturinae) are described for the first time. Two new Caraphia species are described: C. warneri Wappes and Santos-Silva, from Guatemala; and C. woodruffi Wappes and Santos-Silva, from Guatemala and Honduras. A key to American species of Caraphia and a map showing their known distribution is provided. New country records for C. seriata and C. lingafelteri are also provided. Lastly, the C. seriata record for Honduras was based on specimens of a new species (Caraphia lingafelteri), hence the Honduras record should be deleted.