A new genus, a new species, new combinations, and notes on synonymy and nomenclature in American Desmiphorini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae)


  • Antonio Santos-Silva
  • James E. Wappes


Central America, Neotropical, South America, taxonomy.


An early, overlooked description of the genus Atelodesmis (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae) is attributed to Chevrolat (in Duponchel and Chevrolat 1841), with A. mannerheimii Duponchel and Chevrolat, 1841 as its type species, and the genus redescribed. Atelodesmis Buquet, 1857, is a junior synonym and primary homonym of Atelodesmis Chevrolat. Atelodesmis hirticornis Buquet, 1857 and A. vestita Buquet, 1857 are synonymized with A. mannerheimii. Fallaxdesmis is described as a new genus with Atelodesmis unicolor Buquet, 1857 as type species. Atelodesmis piperita Bates, 1855 is transferred to Eupogonius and newly recorded for the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. A new species for Mexico and Guatemala, Eupogonius giesberti, is described. The following new combinations are established: Fallaxdesmis unicolor (Buquet, 1857) and Eupogonius piperita (Bates, 1855). Illustrations of A. mannerheimii, Fallaxdesmis unicolor, and the holotypes of A. hirticornis, A. vestita, A. unicolor, A. piperita and Eupogonius giesberti are included.