South American Coccinellidae (Coleoptera), Part XVII: systematic revision of Western Hemisphere Cephaloscymnini (Coccinellinae) with description of a cryptic new genus and species of Coccidulini (Coccinellinae)


  • Robert D. Gordon
  • Guy A. Hanley


Keys, illustrations.


Genera of Cephaloscymnini (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae: Coccidulinae) are discussed and a key to all recognized genera and species is provided. Succinctonotum, new genus, is proposed. Scymnus laboulbenii Mulsant and Prodilis maculata Weise are transferred to Neaporia as new combinations. Prodiloides bipunctata Weise, and Neaporia compta are transferred to Prodilis as new combinations. Neaporia cuprea Gorham is considered a junior synonym of Neaporia viridiscens Gorham and Cephaloscymnus bruchi Weise a junior synonym of Prodilis volgus Mulsant. New species described in Cephaloscymnus are C. beulah, C. candice, C. juanita. New species described in Neaporia are N. becky, N. bobbie, N. brandy, N. carole, N. cassandra, N. christy, N. daisy, N. deanna, N. dianne, N. felicia, N. gwendolyn, N. hilda, N. irma, N. jennie, N. jenny, N. kay, N. kayla, N. kristine, N. leah, N. lena, N. leona, N. longifrons, N. mabel, N. mae, N. margie, N. marsha, N. miriam, N. misty, N. myrtle, N. naomi, N. nina, N. nora, N. olga, N. opal, N. patsy, N. penny, N. priscilla, N. shelley, N. sonia, N. tracey, and N. violet. New species described in Succinctonotum is S. frosti. New species described in Prodilis are P. ada, P. alberta, P. alison, P. amelia, P. angie, P. araguaensis, P. bartletti, P. belinda, P. blanche, P. brandi, P. cecilia, P. claire, P. cora, P. dubitalis, P. erika, P. eunice, P. fannie, P. faye, P. flora, P. geneva, P. guadalupe, P. harriet, P. hattie, P. inez, P. iris, P. isabel, P. jan, P. janie, P. joanna, P. jodi, P. katrina, P. kristi, P. kristy, P. lindsey, P. lola, P. lula, P. lynda, P. madeline, P. maggie, P. mamie, P. margarita, P. maryann, P. melody, P. molly, P. monique, P. natasha, P. olivia, P. pecki, P. ramona, P. rosie, P. sabrina, P. sandy, P. shelley, P. sherri, P. sheryl, P. sonya, P. susie, and P. yvette. Ponaria, new genus of Coccidulini is proposed. Neaporia caerulea Gorham is transferred to Ponaria as a new combination. New species described in Ponaria are P. daviesi, P. hurtadoi, and P. paprzyckii. Lectotypes are here designated for Neaporia arrowi, N. coelestis, N. metallica, N. guatemalana, N. indagator, and Prodilis pallidifrons.