Synopsis of the tribe Zolini in New Zealand (Coleoptera: Carabidae)


  • André Larochelle
  • Marie-Claude Larivière


Taxonomy, new genera and species, keys, geographic distribution, ecology, biology, dispersal power.


The tribe Zolini (Carabidae: Trechinae) is revised for New Zealand. Two subtribes, fi ve genera, and forty-eight species are recognized. The presence of the subtribe Merizodina is confi rmed for New Zealand; it includes three genera (Maungazolus n. gen., Pseudoopterus Csiki, 1928, and Synteratus Broun, 1909). The subtribe Zolina contains two genera (Oopterus Guérin-Méneville, 1841 and Zolus Sharp, 1886).
    One genus and twenty-five species are described as new: Maungazolus n. gen.; Maungazolus acutus n. sp., Maungazolus priestleyensis n. sp., Maungazolus ranatungae n. sp., Maungazolus septempunctatus n. sp., Maungazolus tararuaensis n. sp., Oopterus anglemensis n. sp., Oopterus arthurensis n. sp., Oopterus corvinki n. sp., Oopterus discoideus n. sp., Oopterus garnerae n. sp., Oopterus marrisi n. sp., Oopterus mohiensis n. sp., Oopterus monticola n. sp., Oopterus nanus n. sp., Oopterus nunni n. sp., Oopterus palmai n. sp., Oopterus punctatus n. sp., Oopterus quadripunctatus n. sp., Oopterus taieriensis n. sp., Oopterus trechoides n. sp., Pseudoopterus fiordlandensis n. sp., Pseudoopterus otiraensis n. sp., Zolus kauriensis n. sp., Zolus unisetosus n. sp., Zolus wongi n. sp.
    Lectotypes are designated for Zolus helmsi Sharp, 1886 and Oopterus parvulus Broun, 1903.
    Seven taxa are reinstated as valid genera and previous combinations: Zolus Sharp, 1886 and Pseudoopterus Csiki, 1928 (previously synonymized with Oopterus Guérin-Méneville,1841); Oopterus carinatus Broun, 1882 =Zolus carinatus (Broun, 1882); Oopterus helmsi (Sharp, 1886) = Zolus helmsi Sharp, 1886; Oopterus latipennis Broun, 1903 = Pseudoopterus latipennis (Broun, 1903); Oopterus plicaticollis Blanchard, 1843 = Pseudoopterus plicaticollis (Blanchard, 1843); Oopterus subopacus (Broun, 1915) = Zolus subopacus Broun, 1915.
    Three new combinations are established: Oopterus pallidipes Broun, 1893 = Maungazolus pallidipes (Broun, 1893); Oopterus parvulus Broun, 1903 = Maungazolus parvulus (Broun, 1903); Oopterus pygmeatus Broun, 1907 = Maungazolus pygmeatus (Broun, 1907).
    Eleven new synonymies are established: Oopterus basalis Broun, 1915 and Oopterus minor Broun, 1917 = Maungazolus pygmeatus (Broun, 1907); Oopterus nigritulus Broun, 1908 and Oopterus laevigatus Broun, 1912 = Oopterus sobrinus Broun, 1886; Oopterus sculpturatus ovinotatus Broun, 1908 = Oopterus sculpturatus Broun, 1908; Oopterus probus Broun, 1903 and Oopterus latifossus Broun, 1917 = Pseudoopterus latipennis (Broun, 1903); Oopterus puncticeps Broun, 1893 = Oopterus laevicollis Bates, 1871; Zolus atratus Broun, 1893 and Zolus femoralis Broun, 1894 = Zolus carinatus (Broun, 1882); Zolus labralis Broun, 1921 = Zolus helmsi Sharp, 1886.
    A revision of all taxa is provided. Descriptions, identifi cation keys, illustrations of male genitalia, habitus photos, distributional data and maps are given. Extensive information on ecology, biology, dispersal power, and collecting techniques is included for each species.