The Trichoptera of Panama IV. New records for caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) from the Republic of Panama.


  • Brian J. Armitage
  • Steven C. Harris
  • Roger J. Blahnik
  • Robin E. Thomson


Anomalopsychidae, Philopotamidae, Glossosomatidae, Hydroptilidae, Hydrobiosidae, Leptoceridae, new country record, cuenca


The Republic of Panama currently has 300 recorded species of Trichoptera distributed among 14 families. Herein we add 42 new country records for Panama, including one new family (Anomalopsychidae) and three new genera (Anomalopsychidae: Contulma; Hydroptilidae: Byrsopteryx and Cerasmatrichia). The newly recorded caddisfly taxa increase Panama’s total known fauna to 342 species, distributed among 15 families and 50 genera. These results are part of an ongoing effort to characterize the caddisfly fauna of Panama, and to evaluate that country’s major watersheds (cuencas).