First records of the iceryine scale insects Crypticerya brasiliensis (Hempel) and Crypticerya genistae (Hempel) (Hemiptera: Monophlebidae) for Colombia.


  • Takumasa Kondo
  • Ramos Portilla
  • Penny J. Gullan
  • Ana L. B. G. Peronti
  • Andrea A. Alejandro Caballero
  • Nelson Villarreal-Pretelt


Crypticerya brasiliensis (Hempel) and Crypticerya genistae (Hempel) (Hemiptera: Monophlebidae: Iceryini) are herein reported for the fi rst time in Colombia. The above two species and Crypticerya multicicatrices Kondo and Unruh and Crypticerya zeteki (Cockerell) are briefl y diagnosed based on the adult females. The presence of C. zeteki in Colombia is confi rmed and a key to the adult females of species of the tribe Iceryini reported in Colombia is provided.