Pyroghatsiana: A new genus of fire-colored beetles (Coleoptera: Pyrochroidae: Pyrochroinae) from the Southern Ghats, India.


  • Daniel K. Young


Pyroghatsiana, a new genus of pyrochroine Pyrochroidae is described from the Southern Ghats of the Indian continental southern tip. The only known specimen is a female, Pyroghatsiana madurensis (Pic), new combination, originally placed in Dendroides Latreille, and subsequently transferred to Pseudodendroides Blair. Several striking differences including the dorsal interocular width between the compound eyes, shape and length of the third antennal segment, and shape of the pronotum preclude placement of Pyroghatsiana in either Dendroides, Pseudodendroides, or any other existing pyrochroine genus.