A new species of Drapetes Megerle (Coleoptera: Elateridae), with taxonomic summaries and a key to the species of northern North America.


  • Paul J. Johnson


Seven species of Drapetes Megerle (Coleoptera: Elateridae) are recognized from northern North America. Drapetes chiricahua new species is described from southeastern Arizona and north-central New Mexico. Drapetes parallelus Van Dyke is a senior homonym of Drapetes paralellus Cobos by variant spelling, and a new synonym of Drapetes cylindricus Fall. Drapetes paralellus Cobos is replaced with Drapetes cobosi new name. Drapetes clarki Bonvouloir is not a North American species and is given a redesignated type locality in Brazil. Drapetes plagiatus (Boheman) is not a California species and is given a redesignated type locality in Panama. New state records are reported for Drapetes exstriatus (Say) from Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. A key to the species of the region is provided and each species is illustrated.