The Trichoptera of Panama. III. Updated species list for caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) in the Republic of Panama.


  • Brian J. Armitage
  • Steven C. Harris
  • Tatiana I. Arefina-Armitage
  • Aydee Cornejo


The fauna of Panama is species-rich due to its location and topography, and the resulting diversity of microclimates and habitats. The last summary of information about the caddisfly fauna (Insecta: Trichoptera) of Panama in 1992 noted 168 taxa in 13 families and 39 genera. Since then, and through 2014, a large number of publications, based on work by a dedicated cadre of individuals, have recorded a net gain of 78 species and six genera. In 2015, 17 new species to science and 38 new country records were added, including one new family and two new genera for the country; and, two species were removed. Thus, 299 species of caddisflies are now known from the Republic of Panama and are distributed among 14 families and 47 genera. Given the higher diversity in neighboring Costa Rica (>500 species), we feel certain that there are many more species yet to be discovered.