New distributional records for pleasing lacewings (Neuroptera: Dilaridae, Nallachius spp.) in the Americas.


  • David E. Bowles
  • Atilano Contreras-Ramos
  • Mariza A. Sarmiento-Cordero
  • Michael L. Ferro


We report on collections of seven species of pleasing lacewings (Neuroptera: Dilaridae) from the Americas. New country distributional records are reported for Nallachius pulchellus (Banks) from Honduras and Trinidad, and Nallachius phantomellus Adams from Ecuador. Nallachius ovalis Adams and Nallachius prestoni (McLachlan) are reported from Brazil representing the second reported collections of those species. Additional state records and in-country distributional information are presented for the other species. Two species could not be identified with certainty.