0384. A revision of the genus Purenleon Stange (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae: Nemoleontini).


  • Robert B. Miller
  • Lionel A. Stange


Twenty six species of the genus Purenleon Stange (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae: Nemoleontini) are recognized from the New World, of which ten are described as new species: P. oaxacae, P. fernandezi, P. tibialis, P. adamsi, P. andinus, P. apache, P. aztecus, P. cavei, P. farri and P. toltecus. Neotypes are designated for Psammoleon banksi Esben-Petersen 1933 and for Formicaleo inaequalis Navás 1913. The larvae of sixteen species have been reared and are described with data on their biologies. The genus is subdivided into three species groups based mostly on leg structure. The inscriptus group consists of five species, the tibialis group consists of two species and the rest of the species are in the bistictus group. Keys to the species based both on adults and larvae are provided and descriptions given.