0273. An annotated list of the caddisflies (Trichoptera) of Florida: Part I. The family Hydroptilidae, with descriptions of five new species


  • Steven C. Harris
  • Andrew K. Rasmussen
  • Dana R. Denson


Five new species of Hydroptila (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae), H. murtlei sp. n., H. criokera sp. n, H. auriscuspa sp. n., H. santarosa sp. n., and H. ebroensis sp. n., from Florida are described and illustrated. We provide an annotated list of the 76 species known to occur in the state, including 10 species that represent new state records, one of which is also a new country record. New illustrations are presented for those species which were difficult to identify or exhibited new range extensions into Florida, namely: Hydroptila acadia Ross, H. ajax Ross, H. icona Mosely, H. latosa Ross, H. lloganae Blickle, H. maculata (Banks), H. novicola Blickle and Morse, H. wakulla Denning, Oxyethira arizona Ross, O. lumipollex Kelley and Harris, and O. simulatrix Flint.