0267. Faunal diversity of Paederus Fabricius, 1775 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in Iran


  • Mahmood R. Nikbakhtzadeh
  • Mehdi Naderi
  • Parivash Safa


Beetles of the genus Paederus sensu stricto Fabricius, 1775 (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) are often noticed because of their potency in inducing a dermal lesion, so-called linear dermatitis. This genus, which is placed in the tribe Paederini and subfamily Paederinae of Staphylinidae, currently comprises 490 species worldwide. Our study presents a short review of the former records of Paederus spp. in Iran plus some unpublished data. Field collections were done during March-October yearly (1997-2007) in northern and southern Iran and April-June from central, eastern, western and north-western Iran (2008-2009). The present study adds four species to the Iranian fauna of the genus Paederus, which are P. brevipennis Lacordaire, 1835, P. basalis Bernhauer, 1914, P. pubescens Cameron, 1914 and P. schoenherri Czwalina, 1899. Paederus brevipennis and P. schoenherri are the first members of the subgenus Harpopaederus Scheerpeltz, 1957, ever reported from Iran. Considering previous reports, museum-deposited materials and our findings, 14 species and subspecies of the genus Paederus, which are grouped in five subgenera, occur in Iran. These subgenera are Eopaederus Scheerpeltz, Harpopaederus Scheerpeltz, Heteropaederus Scheerpeltz, Paederus Fabricius and Poederomorphus des Cottes; however P. duplex spectabilis Bernhauer, 1913 is not yet attributed to any of the 13 so-far defined subgenera.