0137. Fifteen new species of <I>Sonoma</I> Casey from the eastern United States and a description of the male of <I>Sonoma tolulae</I> (LeConte) (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae)


  • Michael L. Ferro
  • Christopher E. Carlton


Fifteen new species of faronine pselaphines in the genus Sonoma Casey are described: S. baylessae; S. brasstownensis; S. chouljenkoi; S. cygnus; S. gilae; S. gimmeli; S. holmesi; S. mayori; S. nicholsae; S. parkorum; S. nhunguyeni; S. sokolovi; S. streptophorophallus; S. tishechkini; S. tridens. Male specimens of Sonoma tolulae (LeConte) were collected from the type locality and this species is redescribed. These species bring the total diversity of the genus to 43 species. The genus is divided into four species groups based on characters of the male genitalia. Sonoma corticina Casey was not included in the genus when it was described, thus it cannot be the type species of the genus. We here designate Sonoma tolulae (LeConte) as the type species of the genus Sonoma. A key is provided that will allow discrimination of all eastern species. Life history, habitat, and collection techniques are discussed.