0089. New looks at and for <I>Onespa, Buzyges,</I> and <I>Librita</I> (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae), with new combinations and descriptions of a new genus and six new species


  • George T. Austin
  • Andrew D. Warren


Central America, genitalia, Mexico, skipper, taxonomy


Thirteen species of skippers (six newly described; Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae: Hesperiini) from higher elevations of Mexico and Central America are reviewed. These are included in four genera (one newly described), some with proposed new combinations. Onespa Steinhauser, 1974, originally described as monotypic, is shown to include three species in addition to its type species, Onespa nubis Steinhauser, 1974. One of these, Atrytone gala Godman, 1900, that has been misplaced in several genera since its description, represents a new combination. The other two species, distributed in montane habitats in northwestern Mexico and in Costa Rica, are described as new. Buzyges Godman, 1900, distributed in Mexico and Central America and also formerly considered monotypic, is shown to embrace four species. Besides the type species, Buzyges idothea Godman, 1900, two species long placed in Poanes Scudder, 1872, Pamphila rolla Mabille, 1883, and Poanes benito Freeman, 1979, are included as new combinations. Another species, known only from Costa Rica, is described as new. These are united by several superficial characters, but especially by genital morphology of both sexes. Librita Evans, 1955, was described to include three species of which one, Librita raspa Evans, 1955, was subsequently removed. Augiades heras Godman, 1900 is here also removed from Librita and placed in a new genus with three previously undescribed species. This completes the disintegration of Librita, which is now monotypic. The four genera, although exhibiting similarities suggesting potential alliance, differ in their unique combinations of several superficial and genital traits from each other and other hesperiine skippers.