0087. More new distribution records for Florida water beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae, Elmidae, Hydrophilidae, Scirtidae), with additional notes on <I>Scirtes oblongus</I> Guérin-Méneville


  • J.H. Epler


New distribution records for the State of Florida are given for several genera and species of water beetles. These include Dytiscidae: Acilius confusus Bergsten; Dytiscus carolinus Aubé; Matus bicarinatus (Say); Elmidae: Oulimnius nitidulus LeConte; Stenelmis mera Sanderson; S. morsei White; Hydrophilidae: Laccobius minutoides d'Orchymont; Scirtidae: Sarabandus robustus (LeConte); Scirtes oblongus Guérin-Méneville. Additional information is provided on the distribution, morphology and three color forms of S. oblongus which is considered to be a senior synonym of Scirtes sexlineatus Chevrolat and S. interruptus Chevrolat.