0055. New <I>Trachysphyrus</I> Haliday (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) in the albomarginatus species group from northwestern Argentina


  • Charles C. Porter


Three new species of the albomarginatus species group of the genus Trachysphyrus (T. fidalgoi, T. riojanus, and T. tmetus) are described from the Subandean Desert (Monte) of Northwest Argentina. A key is given to these and to the five described species also known from Neotropic Argentina in the semiarid Prepuna, Subandino, and Chaco Serrano as well as in such wetter habitats as the Chaco Humedo and Selva Tucumano-Boliviana (Yungas). Four additional species occur in Neantarctic Chile from Santiago south to Magallanes with overlap into the Nothofagus forests of southwest Argentina (Neuquen, Ri­o Negro). Several species have been reared from cocoons of Lepidoptera (Megalopygidae, Psychidae) and others from mud nests of eumenid wasps (Hypodynerus Saussure, Pachymenes Saussure).