0049. Review of the West Indian species of <I>Efferia</I> Coquillett (Diptera: Asilidae): Part 1. Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba, and Jamaica


  • Aubrey G. Scarbrough
  • Daniel E. Perez-Gelabert


Asilidae, Efferia, aestuans-staminea groups, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, new species, key


The genus Efferia Coquillett from the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Cuba, and Jamaica is reviewed. The fauna now totals 16 species with 6 new species described (Ef. bellardii n. sp., Ef. bromleyi n. sp., Ef. hinei n. sp., Ef. insula n. sp., Ef. pina n. sp., and Ef. vinalensis n. sp.). Cuba has the greatest diversity with 10 species, Jamaica 3, the Bahamas 2, and the Cayman Islands 1. Efferia stylata (Fabricius) is removed from the species list of these West Indian islands. The wings of Ef. caymanensis Scarbrough and Ef. bromleyi, spermathecae of Ef. bromleyi, Ef. cubensis (Bromley), Ef. insula, Ef. nigritarsis (Hine), and terminalia of all species are illustrated. Keys for the identification of the species are provided. Specimens of two additional species from Cuba are in too poor a condition to be described but their terminalia are illustrated and the species are included in the key to the males.