0047. World Checklist of Tribe Calpini (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Calpinae)


  • J. M. Zaspel
  • M. A. Branham


Checklist, fruit-piercing moths, blood-feeding moths


A preliminary checklist of Calpini is provided, incorporating corrections and changes to publication dates and nomenclature as presented in the checklists of Poole (1989), Fibiger and Lafontaine (2005), and Holloway (2005). Culasta Moore is removed from synonymy with Calyptra Ochsenheimer. Eudocima talboti (Prout) and Graphigona antica Walker are placed in synonymy with E. cajeta (Cramer) and G. regina (Guenee), respectively. Africalpe Kruger, Ferenta Walker, Gonodonta Hubner, Graphigona Walker, Oraesia Guenee, and Tetrisia Walker, are added to the tribe based on shared characters. The genera Cecharismena Moschler, Goniapteryx Perty, Pharga Walker, Phyprosopus Grote, Psammathodoxa Dyar, and Radara Walker are removed and considered incertae sedis. Hemiceratoides and Phyllodes are not considered to be members of Calpini.