0032. New <I>Ommatius</I> Wiedemann from the Americas with two new species groups, keys, and taxonomic notes (Diptera: Asilidae)


  • Aubrey G. Scarbrough


Diptera, Asilidae, Robber flies, Ommatius, normus and costatus species groups, new species, Americas


Two species groups are proposed for Ommatius Wiedemann, normus and tibialis species groups, increasing the number to eight groups from the Americas. The normus group includes six species, two of which are new, O. nebulosus n. sp. and O. tepui n. sp., from Venezuela. This species group thus far extends from Venezuela southward into Paraguay and southern Brazil. Ommatius pulcher (Engel) is redescribed and a neotype designated. The tibialis group includes eight previously described species from eastern and southwestern United States. Ommatius gemma Brimley is transferred to the costatus group. Keys to the eight species groups and the species of the normus group with illustrations of diagnostic characters are provided. Notes and new distribution data are given for previously described species. The spelling of Ommatius norma Curran and O. ruficauda Curran are changed to agree in gender with the genus name, which is masculine.