Welcome to the inaugural issue of Mathematical Cryptology (MC), a new scientific journal.

MC welcomes original research that connects Mathematics and Cryptography. Foundational and applied work are equally welcome, but every article must pass a stringent peer-review process for acceptance. Survey articles can be accepted if they offer a benefit to the advancement of research in the scope of MC. If you consider submitting a survey article, please reach out to one of MC’s managing editors before submitting it. Organizers of high-caliber research workshops in MC’s scope, who plan to have peer-reviewed post-proceedings, are welcome to contact us about MC as a possible publication venue.
MC is published in a diamond open access model to maximize dissemination of research, so that authors have the opportunity to publish relevant results, independently of access to substantial funding. To make this possible, we rely on the willingness of our editorial board and referees to offer their subject expertise for free. We are grateful to the library at Florida Atlantic University for providing us with the ability to host this journal free of charge to authors and readers. Owing to MC’s electronic publication format, there is no page limit for submissions, and we plan to publish papers as soon as they have passed the peer review process and proofreading.
Starting a new journal is beginning a journey, and we are grateful and proud to be able to start this journey with a world-class editorial board. We trust that Mathematical Cryptology will attract world-class research, making it available to a broad audience. We invite you to submit your best results to MC and to share your suggestions on how this journal can improve.

Spyros Magliveras
Rainer Steinwandt
Tran van Trung
(Managing Editors)