A Third New Species of Aporcelinus Andrassy, 2009 (Dorylaimida, Aporcelaimidae) from Vietnam, with the First SEM Study of a Representative of the Genus


  • Thi Anh Duong Nguyen
  • Joaquin Abolafia
  • Michael Bonkowski
  • Reyes Pena-Santiago


A new species, the third one from Vietnam, of the genus Aporcelinus is described from natural areas. Aporcelinus falcicaudatus sp. n. is characterized by its 1.28 to 1.63 mm long body, lip region offset by weak constriction and 16 to 18 mm broad, odontostyle 18 to 21 mm at its ventral side, neck 354 to 406 mm long, uterus tripartite and 61 to 95 mm long, V = 50 to 55, tail strongly recurved dorsad and conical (23–31 mm, c = 43–58, c9 = 0.7–0.9) with finely rounded tip, and male absent. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) study, the first of a representative of the genus, shows a lip region pattern significantly different from that observed in the typical aporcelaimid taxa.






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