Description of a New and Two Known Species of the Free-living Nematode Paroigolaimella Paramonov, 1952 (Diplogastridae) from India


  • Qudsia Tahseen
  • Shikha Ahlawat
  • Malka Mustaqim


This paper describes a new and two known species of Paroigolaimella collected from India. Paroigolaimella helalii n. sp. is characterized by having conspicuous sexual dimorphism in the stoma and pharynx, ovaries with a sphincter separating the mature oocyte from developing ones, a vagina leading to a strong ovijector, a pore-like vulva with cuticular flap; males with slender strongly arcuate spicules with dilated capitula; the gubernaculum slender with expanded plate-like distal end and nine pairs of genital papillae, and four to five pairs of copulatorymuscle bands. P. coprophila (Sudhaus and Rehfeld, 1990) Sudhaus and F€urst von Lieven, 2003 collected from leaf litter from a farmyard has been redescribed with reassessment of its distinguishing characters from P. bernensis. P. bodamica (Micoletzky, 1922) n. comb. has been described and its status has been discussed with context to P. bernensis.






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