Description of Sclerorhabditis miniata n. sp. and First Description of Male of Diploscapter coronatus Cobb, 1913 (Nematoda: Rhabditidae)


  • Ali Asghar Shah
  • Shavish Vaid


A population of Sclerorhabditis miniata n. sp. is described and illustrated from Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir State, India. The new species is characterized by small body size, with an annulated cuticle, offset labial region, crown shaped, strongly sclerotized lips, thin lateral lips, membranous, stegostom without glottoid apparatus, cheilostom rod shaped, sclerotized, spicules free, strong and thick, gubernaculum simple, bent proximally, bursa open, peloderan with seven pairs of bursal papillae in 1+1/1+1+2+1 pattern. The males of Diploscapter coronatus are described for the first time. They are usually smaller than the females and have labial region similar to females. Spicules separate, with a small dorsal velum, gubernaculum simple, almost straight, bursa open, pseudopeloderan with seven pairs of bursal papillae in 1+1/1+2+1+1 pattern.






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