Description of Goffartia phalacra n. sp. (Diplogastridae: Nematoda) from India.


  • Gaurav K. Singh
  • Gazala Yousuf
  • Puneet Kumar
  • Irfan Ahmad


A new species, Goffartia phalacra n. sp. is described and illustrated. The b ody is thin and slender with L = 511 to 646 m m; a = 37.1 to 47.4; b = 4.8 to 6; c = 2.6 to 4.8; c 9 = 13.6 to 32.8; V = 40% to 49% in females. Males are smaller but similar to females and the posterior region is strongly curved. The species is characterized by a tubular stoma, a smooth round lip region, anterior pharynx much smaller than posterior pharynx, two pairs of unicellular glands associated wit h the vagina, and males with a broad keel-shaped gubernaculum. G. phalacra n. sp. can be differentiated from all other species of the genus by its lip region and the structure of the gubernaculum. This is the first instance of a species of Goffartia occurring in a terrestrial habitat and the first report of a species from India.






Contributed Papers: Taxonomy