Three New Species of Nothacrobeles (Nemata: Cephalobidae) from the Mojave Desert, California


  • I. T. De Ley
  • P. De Ley
  • J. G. Baldwin
  • M. Mundo-Ocampo
  • S. A. Nadler


cephalobidae, morphology, new species, nothacrobeles nanocorpus n. sp., nothacrobeles spatulatus n. sp., nothacrobeles triniglarus n. sp., sem, southern california, taxonomy


Three new species of Nothacrobeles are described from localities in the Mojave Desert, southern California. Nothacrobeles triniglarus n. sp. is characterized by the presence of a long post-vulval sac and three tubular adoral projections. Both N. spatulatus n. sp. and N. nanocorpus n. sp. are smaller than any other known species within the genus. Nothacrobeles spatulatus n. sp. has labial probolae that are short and spatulate without a basal ridge, whereas those of N. nanocorpus n. sp. are flattened and plate-like. Furthermore, N. nanocorpus n. sp. is unique by its extremely short esophageal corpus (less than 25 µm long in adult females) and the small size of its guard processes. An emended diagnosis of the genus is given to accommodate distinctive characteristics of these new species. A table comparing the 11 valid species of Nothacrobeles is presented.