Comparisons of Isolates of Heterodera avenae using 2-D PAGE Protein Patterns and Ribosomal DNA


  • V. R. Ferris
  • J. M. Ferris
  • J. Faghihi
  • A. Ireholm


Six geographic isolates of Heterodera avenae, including two isolates each from Sweden, Australia, and the United States, were compared on the basis of 2-D PAGE protein patterns and the complete DNA sequence for the two internal transcribed ribosomal DNA spacers (rDNA ITS1 and ITS2) and the 5.8S rRNA gene. The protein pattern data and rDNA ITS sequence data both indicated that the Swedish Gotland strain of H. avenae differed markedly from the rest of the isolates. Protein patterns for the Australia isolates differed more from a Swedish strict H. avenae isolate and isolates from Oregon and Idaho, than the two U.S. isolates and the Swedish strict H. avenae isolate differed from each other. Except for the Gotland strain isolate, the rDNA ITS sequences were highly conserved among all of the H. avenae isolates, just as we earlier found them to be conserved among species of the schachtii group of Heterodera. Key words: Heterodera avenae, nematode, 2-D PAGE, protein pattern, ribosomal DNA, rDNA ITS1 and ITS2, 5.8S rRNA gene.