Noctuidonema daptria, n. sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae), an Ectoparasite of the Moth Lesmone porcia (Stoll)


  • R. V. Anderson
  • C. Laumond


Described and illustrated for the first time is a bisexual aphelenchoidid ectoparasitic nematode found on a noctuid male moth in Guadeloupe, West Indies. Sexes are polymorphic, having in common an elongated stylet of 53-69 [mu]m with well-developed basal knobs and double set of protractors, excretory pore near head end, multiple rows of germ cells, and a mucronate tail terminus. The male is particularly distinctive in having a low, smooth head, spicules 38-49 [mu]m long with a tubular rostrum and a ventral arm well separated from the dorsal, an external cloacal cylinder, and a pre- and postanal pair of genital papillae. Distinctive for the female are a unique, muldnucleate uterine gland complex, lack of a functional rectum and anus, and, by marked contrast to the male, a high, hemispherical head marked by six annules and a large uninucleate renette cell. Key words: Aphelenchoididae, description, ectoparasite, Guadeloupe, insect nematode, Lesmone porcia, morphology, nematode, new species, Noctuidae, Noctuidonema daptria, taxonomy.